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FAQ Index & How to's

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AC controller rebuild

Brake Info:
    Master cylinders and Boosters
    Proportional valves

Cruise Control Info

Cooling system service

Dana/Spicer Drivetrain info

Engine Timing

Engine Overhaul tools checklist

Chevy Engine Parts ID:
    Block Identification
    Crankshaft ID
    Cylinder Head ID
    Exhaust Manifold ID
    Intake Manifolds

GM part numbers

Electric fan conversion - installation

Heater/AC - Vacuum routing

Heater hose size & routing

HEI Performance tuning

HEI - upgrading to

Ignition Switch Removal

NP205 Rebuild guide

NP205 Parts Breakdown

Original paint codes

67-72 production numbers

GM Heritage Center

RPO (regular production option) codes

Tilt Steering Column

Tow hooks - front and rear

Trim & Mirror hole locations

Vacuum Advance

Vacuum gauge tuning

VIN decoding

V8 plug wire routing

Wiring Diagram 67-72 color

Links to other truck related sites

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