1967-72 Chevy Truck SPID Reproductions

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Custom SPID labels with correct SPID font!

Whats a SPID?

SPID stands for SERVICE PARTS IDENTIFICATION and if you found this page and have a 1967-72 Chevy or GMC truck, your search can end here. If you are looking for a way to create a new label or put options on one of those blank so called "New Old Stock SPIDS" I can help. If you spent several years doing a frame off restoration and everything else is top-notch why not finish it off with a perfect recreation of the original SPID, with all of the original options that your truck has?

I searched the internet for the font that was originally used, spoke to some font experts and finally determined it was not really a "font" and is not available. Some are close but it is very easy to tell that they are not correct and the label is fake. Originally these labels were done at the factory where the truck was built and were done on high speed impact printers that were very expensive and are today obsolete. These labels were not done one at a time using typewriters and the characters are unique to the type of printers that General Motors used 30-40 years ago.  I have over time come up with what I and many others feel are a perfect set of characters that match the original type perfectly and when reprinted and placed on your glovebox door will top off any level of restoration.  

Don't degrade your expensive restoration by adding a label that looks homemade, has all the spacing or font wrong and makes people question how your truck was originally optioned! It can it cost you a lot of money if you goal is to sell for top dollar. I can option your truck any way you like and I will work to your satisfaction before I print a perfect replica. I do not use the "NOS" pre-printed labels that can be found on EBAY, I cannot add my charactors to them and have no use for them. I print my reproductions on permanent adhesive labels that are like the type that was originally used and with the included clear plastic cover it is virtually impossible to tell it in not a 35-40 year old original label.


The cost of a label with 8 options of your choice, the clear cover and instructions that will make installation easy is $40. Additional options are $3 each and if you want a second label it's just $10. If you want to add something to a label that was not an original factory option (power windows, vacuum gauge, etc) its $6 per option. A complete list of RPO (Regular Production Options) can be found at the link on the left side of this page. I have 4 different labels to choose from and examples can be seen at the Label Style links to the left. I have a collection of over 700 original labels as well as other GM litereature that I use for reference and If needed I can offer assistance with the selection of the proper RPO codes. I will not send the label until you and I are both satisfied with it and payment has been made.The complete process usually takes about a week once we get started. Money orders and cashier checks are accepted, but PayPal is preferred and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Click on the examples to the left and see a finished label.

If you are interested in a custom label or have any questions contact Jeff at the address below.








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