Similar to previous years but with the following changes. New grill is one piece anodized aluminum design with center bar which extends to and surrounds headlamps. Plastic grill insert consists of tightly spaced horizontal and vertical members in a cross-hatch pattern. CHEVROLET letters are embossed across center of grill with parklamps mounted at either end of the embossed letters. Bowtie emblem mounted on front of hood.


Fender emblems now state the series number and model, such as CST/10. Engine displacement emblems were also mounted below fender emblems when equipped with optional engines.


Deluxe equipped trucks had optional upper and lower trim along side of body. Custom equipped trucks had black banded lower trim. CST equipped trucks had woodgrain banded lower trim. First year for foot operated parking brake. First year for the Blazer.


The totally redesigned grille and the steep hood front distinguishes the 1969 model from the previous year's models.    Unlike the 1968 models, the side markers in 1969 where lighted.  The optional 327 cubic inch V8 was replaced by the 350 cubic inch V8. Upper and lower body trim was an option.  The lower body trim had black banding on the Custom models and woodgrain banding on the CST models.  The parking brake was changed from hand operated to foot operated but the brakes are still drum front and rear.